Inspiration to Lead


The words of Raven’s Chaplin Johnny Shelton echoed throughout the exhilarating meeting room as 10:12 coaches were fixated on the inspirational words that were coming from this dynamic leader.  Shelton opened the meeting with an empowering message about what it means to be the leader that God has called us to be.

“This was so empowering,” said one 10:12 coach from West Baltimore. “If I wasn’t ready for the season before, I’m ready now.”

10:12 Sports neighborhood coaches had been invited to spend a night being inspired and trained at the Raven’s facility popularly known as “The Castle.”


Walking through the halls, seeing the different amenities, meeting the leaders behind it all, one couldn’t help but imagine the NFL greats who have not only been in the facility but had sat in the very seats that these coaches were now sitting in.  Men who have influenced literally millions of people, in a couple of weeks, would fill this meeting room.

I started to tear up, not because of the fame of these modern day celebrities who would occupy this room in August, but because of these world changers that are occupying this room NOW.

These coaches are West Baltimore men who have stepped up to the plate, answering the call to be more than coaches, but: mentors, friends, fathers, and ambassadors of the God of this Universe.

Families will be changed because these men said “YES”, educational and career paths will be furthered because these men said “YES”, leaders will be born and communities strengthened because these men said “YES”, and teens will come to know the amazing Grace of Jesus because of a “YES”.

For that, I’m eternally grateful to God, and this amazing Raven’s organization.

“I really enjoyed the fact that I got to experience the Ravens facility with other coaches from under-resourced areas of West Baltimore. That was truly an amazing and extremely encouraging experience. This [experience] had an influence on me personally, in that it motivated me to look at where I need to focus and be more deliberate in my steps as a coach in 1012 Sports and as a mentor.  It also gave me a good perspective on how important it is to put God and character building first, as I seek to enrich the lives of these young men.” ~10:12 Coachcoachesmeeting4

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