Jay’s Hope for Southwest Baltimore


I’d heard that line before from Jay when he described to me why he didn’t believe that God was real, and how 10:12 Sports was the only bright spot in a life of dark events. However, this time, that line was preceded by a plea for the desire for more 10:12 events to happen.
Just 2 months before, Jay was involved in our weekly flag football league, along with about 80 other teens in West Baltimore.  As we prepare to launch our weightlifting program, I can’t help but think about Jay’s request and how obvious it was that he desires more than football. There was a sacredness about what was going on during the summer.  A bright spot in the community, sparked and sustained by the Light of the World, Jesus.  My hope is that Jay’s candle would be lit from being in contact with the flames of faith that burn at 10:12 Sports and our partner churches, and he can take that light wherever he goes.

Will you be a part of helping Jay to continually experience a community in Christ?  

Find out how at 10:12's annual banquet.

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