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“Bodymore” (Baltimore, MD), “The Badlands” (Kensington-Phil., PA), “Murder Town U.S.A.” (Wilmington, DE). These aren’t names of the next Steven King Novel, or the horror movie being filmed down the street, these are nicknames of our Cities that paint a less than desirable picture of its residents.   These are neighborhoods that are seen as the “black eye” of their states because of the stigma and headlines that accompany them. But, there is always more to the story. While the media continues to spread the narrative of youth lacking control, unity, vision, and morals, there is another story being written. This story is one that says, “I’m made in God’s image”, “God has a plan for my life,” “I want something more for my life”, and “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.”

This past summer and fall, we got to see this narrative come to life as teens from Baltimore got a chance to play against, hang out with, eat, joke, and even lockup to pray with other teens who are rejecting those labels just like them.


Players lock up in prayer post game

These were teams from the Kensington neighborhood of North Philadelphia involved in the Timoteo Sports program and from Wilmington, Delaware involved in the Urban Promise program.

Marv, a 10:12 Player said to me “It’s crazy to play against dudes we didn’t know from Philly, and there wasn’t any problems. We even get to chill with them after the game like we really knew them.”

Marv’s words spoke so clearly to the culture of what is going on at 10:12 Sports and the other programs. My only response, “That’s KINGDOM Marv.” When you have organizations that have committed their mission to living under the fatherhood and lordship of Christ, it’s a family get-together whenever they unite.

At 10:12 Sports, we desire to continue to both invite our teens to be in the family of God, and invite them to get to know, fellowship with, and learn from other teens/men who have also been adopted into the family.

As a family member, would you consider financially partnering with our youth to provide more experiences like these?


FAMILY circled up post game


10:12 Sports & UP Players


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