WORTHY To Be Praised

IMG_9823_view IMG_9847_viewEarlier this month, 11 of our teenagers got the opportunity to fellowship with teens from various Korean churches in the Northern Virginia area through a flag football tournament.  It was a great tournament but the highlight for us took place on Friday night at the Rally.
As unfamiliar worship songs were played by teens from one particular Korean Church, I was blessed to see our young men: singing, holding hands to pray with Korean brothers and sisters, and quickly raising their hands to identify as Christian. 

“At first I thought that we had walked into the wrong place,” said one 10:12teen describing how out of place he felt.  This didn’t last long as 45 minutes later the rally ended with our teens scattered throughout the room connecting with other teens.
“Coach Jeff, did you see me singing for God…the music was bump.” ~10:12 Athlete
Somehow, I think God had a big smile on his face at that moment.

What would it take for us to see a room full of young men from the community, excited to sing and seek God’s face? We’re hoping to find out very soon but WE COULD USE YOUR HELP.

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