About Us


To be a community in Christ that seeks to empower the people of Baltimore to invest in the next generation, creating opportunities for practicing servant leadership, for all involved–church partners, Baltimore youth, volunteers, and staff.


Through Christ and Community, 10:12 Sports uses athletics to create mentoring and job training opportunities for youth.

Who We Are

Core Values


John 10:10 states, “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.” These are the words of Jesus Christ, which are so prevalent in our neighborhoods and are the motivation for why 10:12 exists. If we believe that Christ has come so that we all may have an abundant life, as His followers, we are compelled to dedicate our lives to helping people experience this. Practically this looks like providing a loving and safe culture for our young men, providing opportunities for them to succeed academically, exposing them to the joy of serving, teaching them about the benefits of healthy living, surrounding them with a community of their peers and mentors that can walk with them through life’s struggles, sharing with them how amazing God has created them to be, and helping them to find their identity in that truth.


In a football game, you either win as a team or you lose as a team. Everything about this sport exhibits “community.” This is an extremely important value that permeates every aspect of 10:12; in everything from running the league, to creating a network around each young man and teenager involved. The strength is not in 10:12 itself; it’s in the network of people that intentionally affect each teenager. With that in mind, 10:12 seeks to utilize the hands of church partners, local organizations, and businesses to positively enhance the lives of every young man involved.


We believe and live out the fact that we are constantly involved in the process of coaching. Every day we are both coaching and being coached, whether we know it or not. 10:12 encourages the importance of being coachable through humility, by being quick to listen, and slow to speak. 10:12 encourages the importance of being a great coach by modeling integrity and embracing servant leadership.