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“It’s not a lot of beef [unhealthy conflict] here,” said one 10:12 participant “This is like the family that I never had,” said another. One Saturday night in January, Hov called asking if he could come inside my house. Neighborhood folk dropping by is a regular occurrence, having lived in […]

Community as Family

10:12 Sports was recently selected by the Baltimore Ravens Foundation as a 2017 Play 60 Grant Recipient.  We are grateful to the Ravens Foundation for this award as we join the ranks of other great Maryland organizations committed to the well-being of our most precious commodity, our youth.  

Grant Recipient

Earlier this month, 11 of our teenagers got the opportunity to fellowship with teens from various Korean churches in the Northern Virginia area through a flag football tournament.  It was a great tournament but the highlight for us took place on Friday night at the Rally. As unfamiliar worship songs were […]

WORTHY To Be Praised

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    As the disappointment arrived with the realization that there wouldn’t be a “NEXT WEEK” for  flag football athletes, there was this sense of distant hope though.  A way to stay connected to this community, a way to continue this faith journey that God has them on, with community, […]

Community for Christ on the Court

My Instructor…Teaching me Through Trauma “I just called you to pray.” Those words, as pure and Godly as they were, felt like a slap in the face.  He might as well have told me to “shut up.”  As inopportune as they were to my ego, they were life-giving to my […]

Letter from the Executive Director

  Raven’s Star Ben Watson and Raven’s Chaplain Johnny Shelton helped to kick-off our 2nd 10:12 Sports Flag Football Season. During our preseason rally, 8 young men made commitments for Christ and many others were encouraged to walk in what God says Manhood is.


“Bodymore” (Baltimore, MD), “The Badlands” (Kensington-Phil., PA), “Murder Town U.S.A.” (Wilmington, DE). These aren’t names of the next Steven King Novel, or the horror movie being filmed down the street, these are nicknames of our Cities that paint a less than desirable picture of its residents.   These are neighborhoods that […]

This is Family Business